What Is Scheduled (or Factory Recommended) Maintenance?

Manufacturers develop a maintenance schedule and regular service intervals for the vehicles they produce. These schedules are specific for each year, make and model. Scheduled maintenance services can include (but are not limited) to:

● Oil (and oil filter) change
● Chassis lubrication
●  Fluid, filter, hose, and spark plug inspections/replacements
●  Fuel delivery, emissions, and ignition system-related services
●  Battery Service
●  Tire Rotation

Why is scheduled maintenance important?

Regularly scheduled maintenance helps to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Scheduled maintenance can also extend the life of your car and help prevent unnecessary and expensive repairs. This means your efforts to keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance schedule will literally pay off in the future!

It’s important to understand the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule is developed for vehicles that endure “normal” driving conditions. For example, if you participate in frequent stop-and-go or off-road driving, some adjustments may need to be made to your maintenance schedule.

According to Dan Dienstberger, Best-One Tire & Service of Lima’s ASE Certified Mechanic, roughly 70% of vehicles on the road today are driven under severe driving conditions. For the safety of your family and those around you, it is very important to maintain a safe vehicle. Dan also says, “If you take care of your car, it will take care of you.“

The Best-One Tire & Service® Group can help you adhere to your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule. If you have questions or to learn more about your vehicle’s manufacturer-recommended scheduled maintenance, reference your owner’s manual or contact your local Best-One retailer.

If I have a manufacturer’s warranty, am I required to have my services performed at a dealership?
The Best-One technicians are qualified to perform most scheduled maintenance services. So, stop by your local Best-One retailer for your next scheduled maintenance service … Our trained professionals will get you in and out the door quickly! While you’re in, we’ll inspect your car and recommend any additional services/repairs that may be needed.

By David Mitchell, Best-One®Tire & Service Expert Panelist