What Is a Tire Disposal Fee?

Have you ever wondered, “What exactly is a tire disposal fee?”
When you purchase new tires, your local Best-One® Tire & Service location will dispose of your old (waste) tire(s) as a service to you for a nominal fee. This service saves consumers the hassle of disposing of their old tires.

What happens to tires that have been disposed?
Your local retailer will ensure that your tires are properly disposed. Because rubber is a very durable material, tire waste can be problematic. However, this also means that tires can be recycled or reused into a multitude of products, including: asphalt, sports courts, shoe rubber and other tires.

What’s the difference between a tire tax and a tire disposal fee?
A tire tax (or tire fee as it is called in some states) is different from a tire disposal fee. Tire taxes are imposed by state governments and vary from state to state. Ask your salesman if you have questions about the fees or taxes found on the invoice for your next tire purchase. Our Best-One team members will be happy to answer your questions.

Larry Knicely, Best-One® Tire & Service Expert Panelist