What Are the Dangers of Potholes?

How dangerous are potholes to your car? Surprisingly, these small “bumps” in the road can do some hefty damage to your vehicle. Potholes often pop up during the spring time because of the freezing and thawing from the winter months.

Potholes can cause damage to your vehicle’s tires or suspension. They can puncture your tires, potentially cause a blow-out, or cause your vehicle to become misaligned. Potholes can also cause premature breakdown of the suspension system and shock absorbers. Finally, hitting a pothole can also cause wheel and rim damage, as well as potential damage to your undercarriage or exhaust system.

So what can you do if you see a pothole on your commute?

  • Try and avoid the pothole if you can do so safely.

  • If you cannot avoid the pothole, try to safely slow your vehicle.

  • Hold your steering wheel firm.

  • Avoid braking when directly over the pothole. You can actually cause more

  •  damage because of the weight shifting when braking.

  • Maintain air pressure in all tires to provide as much cushion as possible.

If you do run over a pothole and you’re are not sure if your vehicle has sustained damage visit your local Best-One® and we will be happy to take a look at it for you.

 Roger Clark, Best-One® Tire & Service Expert Panelist

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