What Is The Best Way To Rotate My Tires?

When done at the recommended intervals, rotating your vehicle’s tires can prolong balance handling and traction and even out tire wear. Tire rotation can even provide performance advantages!

General driving and wear reduces a tire’s tread depth. Ensuring all of your vehicle’s tires to wear evenly is crucial because it allows the tires to respond to the driver’s input more quickly, which maintains the handling capabilities and increases the tire’s cornering traction. If tires are not rotated properly and often enough your risk for uneven wear increases, thus decreasing the life of your tires. Additionally, many front wheel drive vehicles will wear tires much faster on the front than on the rear, and regular rotations will keep all 4 much similar in tread depths.

For typical rotating patterns when tires are the same size and type, check out this guide:

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By Jim Channel, Best-One® Tire & Service Expert Panelist

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