What Is The Difference Between A “Donut” Spare Tire And A Full Size Spare Tire?

You’ve probably heard a spare tire referred to as a “donut”.  Do you know how a donut is different than a full size spare tire?

A donut is a spare tire that is smaller than your vehicle’s standard tires. Since donuts are smaller than a standard tire, they usually come with a speed limitation. They are designed for limited use only.  Long term use or improper use can present safety issue for braking and traction systems. Donut spares are smaller in order to save space and are usually found in a vehicle’s trunk.

Full size spares are found on most SUV’s and full size trucks. Since these types of vehicles have a higher center of gravity, they need a larger tire – a donut is far too small.  Full size spares are the same size as the tires that come on your vehicle from the factory.

Both types of spares should be periodically checked for proper air pressure to ensure they will be properly prepared should they be needed.

If you have questions about what kind of spare tire you should keep in your vehicle in case of an emergency, stop by your local Best-One!  We’ll help keep you safe on the road.

-Jim Channel, Best-One® Tire & Service Expert Panelist

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