Can My Tires Improve My Gas Mileage?

It seems like gas prices are increasing every day, and everyone is trying to find ways to maximize their gas mileage. Some people overlook one of the most obvious ways to save money when it comes to optimizing gas mileage: your tires!

There are several ways that your tires affect your vehicle’s gas mileage.  The most basic is your tire pressure — check it regularly and make sure you fill your tires to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Recommendations can be found inside the doorframe on the drivers side of your vehicle.  Studies show you can improve your gas mileage by 3.3% just by making sure your tires are inflated properly! Under inflated tires can cut your gas mileage by 6%. [1]

Additionally, make sure your vehicle is properly aligned. Poor wheel alignment can reduce your gas mileage by up to 10%. [2] Participating Best-One dealers will check your alignment for free to give you peace of mind.  Lastly, worn-out tires will cause your vehicle to operate less efficiently as well.

Fuel-efficient tires are an excellent fuel-saving option and help offer confident wet and dry traction. Over the life of each set of fuel-efficient tires, thousands of miles worth of gas are saved due to a low rolling resistance. An example of these tires is the Bridgestone Ecopia.  Some of these fuel efficient tires can save you as much as 25% of the original cost of the tires.  (See store for details).

Just by taking a few extra minutes out of your day every week or so could save you at the gas pump. Not sure if your tires are wearing or inflated properly? Visit your local Best-One® dealer and we will be more than happy to help you.

John Miller, Best-One Tire & Service Expert Panelist




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